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Lucky Fun Shoppe was created out of a passion for human and self-exploration and communicating this through art, fashion and lots of color! Our style is a little hippy, a little trippy - think Woodstock™️ meets The Wizard of Oz™️ and you’ve got a recipe for something a bit weird and wonderful. We really believe in authenticity and uniqueness - the LAST thing we'd try to be is like everyone else! 


We're a brand about destroying limiting beliefs, celebrating ourselves, and encouraging each other to reach our full potential! We encourage you to express yourself through our groovy graphic apparel, artsy accessories, and far-out designs.


It's true that all our products are infused with Good Fortune & Cheer, so you can feel extra lucky when you get your hands on them and spread it around wherever you go! We're so glad you've joined us on this journey!


P. S. Don’t forget to check out the Good Fortune Blog where we offer motivational musings and spatial sentiments. We clearly have a lot to say! :D

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