We make expressive & motivating products!

Lucky Fun Shoppe is a unique gift shop that exists to create conversation around mindfulness, self-exploration, and personal development through our conscious art and goods. We describe our style as a little hippy, a little trippy - think Woodstock™️ meets The Wizard of Oz™️ and you’ve got a recipe for something a bit weird & wonderful!

We believe in you!

We're a brand about destroying limiting beliefs, celebrating ourselves, and encouraging each other to reach our full potential through self-exploration, mindfulness, and action!  To quote the band Rush, we believe “Good Work is the Key to Good Fortune.” 😊

Express yourself!

We encourage you to make a statement through our groovy graphic apparel, expressive accessories, and far-out designs.

It's true our products are infused with Good Fortune & Cheer, so you can feel extra lucky when you get your hands on them and spread it to those around you!

Meet the Maker

Whitney Callahan Leading Lady & Artist

Lucky Fun Shoppe is the creative vision realized by artist and maker, Whitney Callahan.


With a visionary mind and an inclination for all things a bit different and weird, Whitney visits the ideas of self-exploration, higher consciousness, and lots of color in her designs.


Having been in the world of creative product developing for over 7 years, she decided to put her mind to work on creating products that emote happiness and joy, while encouraging us to learn ourselves better. She entered her local art scene through art shows and showcasing her products in local gift shops where there was an immediate response to the unique style of her designs and the meaning behind them.


  • Sunny Southern California 🌻
  • smile@luckyfunshoppe.com 🙂
  • Always Open, Always Fun 🌈