Create Your Own Happiness

Create Your Own Happiness

"Don't pursue happiness, create it."

I have spent a lot of time trying to use external forces to make me happy and to find my sole happiness outside of myself. (I'm an extrovert - is that a good excuse? ha!) But this method never worked! I spent some good time alone and realized it's so important to find a calmness and joy from within.

This is still a constant awareness that I have to keep on my mind - I'm often still slipping in and out of making myself happy and looking to others to support that for me. Don't get me wrong, friends and family can enhance our lives, but we shouldn't rely on them for things that we should be able to give ourselves. There's nothing wrong with being social or enjoying experiences with folks, of course, we just need to make sure that these things aren't serving as distractions from doing our own self-work.

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