We Are Our Choices

We Are Our Choices

Our fortune this week sounds pretty straight forward, but there's quite a lot of thought that goes into this one. A lot of time, it's easy to get overwhelmed and just move through motions or make rash decisions that we sometimes regret in the future. It's important to try to pause, breathe, and apply a calmness to the choices we make. Although often times I work well under pressure, I don't work the best when I'm full of anxiety and it's in that state that I start to fumble all over myself and the tasks I'm trying to complete or situations I'm trying to handle. There are so many things that affect us and give us "reason" for our choices, but I think deep down we know when we're reacting vs. responding in a way that we'd be comfortable with later. I find it's best to take a step back from situations and give them time if you're questioning a choice.

Let's own our choices and make good decisions that ourΒ future selves will thank us for.Β 

Leave a little comment on ways you go about making the best decisions for your life. πŸ‘‡

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